You are all Lovely (Day 30 of 31)

 To every woman and man, you are all born beautiful. It is not up to anyone else or anything else, to determine how beautiful you are. It doesn’t matter how many people do or don’t tell you that, because by simply living you are inherently perfect as you are. That being said, we are all capable of great ugliness, but it doesn’t come from our faces or our bodies, it leaks from a tainted heart, or a broken soul. Ugliness is not a proportion, it isn’t a number on the scale, it isn’t a flaw, it’s an act. It is an act upon act upon act of cruel intention.

If you have ever been laughed at, or ridiculed for your own appearance, know that it was the one pointing the finger that possessed more ugliness than words can describe. And if you have pointed a finger at someone and called them ugly, then send some love to that person in your mind, and compliment twice as many people on their inherent beauty.

Beauty is SO much more than an aesthetic.

I see beauty in brains and bronze and I see beauty in naivety and fragility. Beauty is in all of these traits and characteristics, because our differences that make us who we are, are what contributes to the immeasurable loveliness of Earth.

Some people fall under the right measurements and proportions based on a skewed scale of beauty that has been built over centuries. So it will take just as long to reverse this discourse until we are able to find the right path where all are seen as beautiful again. True beauty is unfathomable too many in this world. We are such a young species still and it will take a long time before we can all understand each others immeasurable beauty.

It takes work to change our automatic reactions, but if you can acknowledge your response as societal conditioning, then it is possible to reverse judgement.

   I wish for everyone concerned about their appearance to look at themselves with eyes closed and hearts open.

Photo on 2016-03-31 at 15.28.jpg

Today is my last day of 31 days without an ounce of makeup and I am so proud of myself!!! I’d like to make one more post tomorrow on my overall experience, reflections, and what to look forward to next month!!!

Much Love


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