Chapter 2 Part 2

 Now where were we? Ahhh yes, it was a long approaching winter and I was still without a license to drive. That didn’t stop me from getting myself to work everyday though. I had my van and I arranged to have a lesson with the local driving instructor so that I would be able to use his vehicle since I couldn’t use mine being that it was from out of provence. I couldn’t register it until I had my drivers license. So there was a bit of a dilemma there.  I was still off the chron, and ironically, keeping myself busy seemed to be the best way to keep my energy levels up.


December came quickly and I was already comfortable at my work place. I decided not to go home for Christmas, and instead I worked everyday, but Christmas Day. While everyone lounged about in their pjs I went to work and came home drank a few glasses of cider and went to bed fairly early most nights.

I did make time to go on one hike and walks here and there, but I must admit I was pretty cranky somedays, I couldn’t talk to people about cannabis because it would just make me feel angry. Most likely because I was frustrated with myself that I had wasted so much time and energy with it already. It’s like breaking up with someone and then having your friend mention their name. I just didn’t want to think about it. Obviously I have never been good at break ups.

New Years came around and I figured that if I didn’t want to get drunk and I didn’t want to smoke, maybe I could eat a chocolate that was infused with cannabis and that would be okay. As if to say, let’s just be friends, but I think we all know, that doesn’t always work either. It ended up just making me really sleepy and before the clock struck midnight I was in bed getting a great nights sleep. I did, however, stir to the commotion of my island family burning the Christmas tree. It was HUGE. I smiled and fell asleep peacefully thinking about how happy I was to leave 2016 behind. 


Life went on and I continued to work hard everyday. It wasn’t long until I offered up my services of photography and social media management. I began doing contract work on the side of my floor sales job. This was a big deal for me.

I finally started beginning to see myself having a future doing something I went to school for and really enjoying the process! I started up an Instagram account for the clothing store and made plans with a co-worker to tackle promotions and advertising on Facebook. I was a little too excited at first, because everyday, all day, I would be on my phone looking at the accounts and trying to always be engaging with the public. I began to see myself starting to disengage with the people I loved and cared for most and so began my balancing act.


Meanwhile, my partner decided to give his notice to his roommates in the city and took a huge leap of faith that we would be able to find a place to live and make it on the island. Mind you, he had lived here before and done very well for himself so we both knew that no matter what we were going to be okay.

Now this was not an easy decision for him to make. He really felt torn between the city life and the island life, for awhile we thought it would be best to have two places and travel back and forth, but we both came to the conclusion that it would be too costly, and so, he let go of his little space in East Vancouver.


It’s times like these, where we are able to make a change, but aren’t sure if we can let go of what we have already, that challenge the foundation of who we think we are. We have to become the Fool that jumps off the cliff into the unknown with blind faith that we will be okay, because in the end we have ourselves and we are enough.

I jumped and I knew that no matter what, I would adapt. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I threw myself in the direction I thought would be best. When it came time for my partner to jump, it was much more of a struggle. He didn’t KNOW and he couldn’t know, no matter how much strategizing and planning we tried to come up with. In the end, we had only one lead on a place to live and we “put all our eggs in one basket”.


Lesson there, patience and perseverance are key to making big changes…and you should probably make sure you have somewhere to land once you take flight. When it came time for my partner to move out, snow was sticking to the ground in mounds, and we had nowhere to move his things into besides storage on the island. So we did.

 Soon to come was an seemingly endless search for a home, my partner’s adventurous Van life, a last minute trip to Palm Springs, and a crazy ride of a trip to Las Vegas.

-To Be Continued-

❤ Much Love