About the Skin Liberation

I started this project to inspire more people to lose the makeup, to let go of self doubt, to embrace every flaw, and most importantly to truly love the skin we they are in.

Since starting this project it has evolved from something beyond the surface. Each time I take time to write I experience catharsis. In this way, I am liberating myself from anything and everything I hold on to.

I believe that the only way to do this is with extreme honesty and sometimes it can be a challenge to truly let myself be transparent, but it is the most crucial that I remain true to myself. This is freedom.

So take your clothes off, take your makeup off, take your thoughts and your feelings and release them. There is nothing to hold on to. Let your spirit soar. Never apologize for who you are. Be everything you are. Smile at the sky. Dance with yourself. Celebrate your existence.

I hope to inspire others to liberate themselves of all attachments that do not serve their higher selves, and feed their souls with what nourishes them.


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